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Our 3D printing pen set with 20 filament colors. Order now with 2-day shipping.

Premium 3D printing pen set

We are the first German filament manufacturer to launch a 3D printing pen set that combines a wide range of materials with a premium 3D printing pen. This set is perfect for artists big and small and offers unlimited creative possibilities. You can now buy our premium 3D printing pen with 20 different filament colors online.

What is a 3D printing pen?

A 3D printing pen allows you to create three-dimensional objects. Unlike conventional pens, which only draw two-dimensional lines on a surface, you can use a 3D printing pen to create real, tangible projects. Whether small toy cars, decorative objects or pieces of jewelry such as earrings - the possibilities are almost endless.

How a 3D printing pen works

The principle of a 3D printing pen is reminiscent of a hot glue gun. Colored plastic (filament) is dispensed at the upper end of the pen. The filament is heated inside the pen and emerges from the front of the pen tip in a viscous texture. An LED lamp signals when the filament has reached the right temperature and the work process can begin. At the touch of a button, the liquid plastic is then pressed out of the pen tip and hardens within 2 to 3 seconds. This allows you to work on your desired object layer by layer.

Safety and practicality

During testing, we quickly realized that a holder for the 3D pen is not only practical, but actually absolutely necessary. That's why we include a holder to ensure that the pen does not damage any materials such as the tabletop when it is placed on the table. Always use the 3D pen on a suitable surface to prevent damage - resistant materials such as glass, plastic, wood or a cutting mat are ideal.

Possible applications of the 3D printing pen

Our 3D printing pen has a wide and varied range of applications. Hobbyists and professionals use it for a wide variety of projects. In industry and in the education sector, for example at schools and universities, as well as by designers, the 3D pen is often used to create prototypes and architectural models. DIY enthusiasts will also have a lot of fun with this versatile tool.
Although some manufacturers approve their 3D pens for children from the age of five, we recommend that the pen is only used under adult supervision.

Ease of use

A 3D printing pen should be good and easy to use!
That's why we always include easy-to-understand instructions. Our user guidance ensures that you can get started with your creative projects quickly and easily.

Extrusion speed

The extrusion speed, i.e. the printing speed, is a decisive factor for the use of a 3D printing pen. A high extrusion speed is ideal for large filling areas, while a lower printing speed is more suitable for small details.

Accessories for your 3D printing pen

To make using your 3D printing pen even safer and more comfortable, we recommend additional accessories such as a holder and a finger guard. These ensure that you don't burn yourself and that your workplace stays clean.

Now available online!

You can now buy our 3D printing pen set with 20 different filament colors online. Let your creativity run wild and create breathtaking three-dimensional works of art and designs.

The 3D printing pen set is now available online

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