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Milan von dem Bussche - CFO and developer at QiTech Industries

Milan von dem Bussche

CEO (QiTech Recycling)
& Finances

Finance & Development

Milan von dem Bussche

Milan has an overview of our projects (at least he pretends to). Developing new machines while doing something for the environment excites him.

At QiTech Industries, Milan designs and develops our machines and manages the finances (at least he does his best).
Simon Kolb - CEO and software developer of QiTech Industries

Simon Kolb

CEO (QiTech Industries)
& Software Development

Development & Hardware Engineering

Simon Kolb

The first word Simon learned as a child was Allen key. After that, his entrepreneurial career took off with an ice cream van, an almond stand and winter service for the neighbours. But his interest in machines has also remained, and today he is the managing director of QiTech Industries, where he develops the software for filament production machines.
Paul Nehme - Former co-founder of QiTech and today employee at QiTech Filament

Paul Nehme

Development & Construction

Paul Nehme

Together with Milan, Paul has been QiTech's "founding father", you could say. However, he left the startup a few years later to work on his own project "Netucation", where he explains things like blockchain and cloud solutions online in a simple and understandable way.

On the side, Paul continues to work as a project manager at QiTech Filament, designing prototypes at record speeds.

Christoph Eisenach

Web Development
Web Design, SEO & Marketing

Christoph Eisenach

Christoph is our code alchemist. When his code doesn't work, he doesn't sleep, so basically he never sleeps.
But when his code works, it's absolute magic.

Today, Chris mainly takes loving care of the website of QiTech Industries.

Noel Lieder

Design & Branding

Noel Lieder

Noel creates, designs, rethinks and rebrands the graphics and brand of QiTech Industries. As an absolute deadline junkie, Noel has a talent to be hyper-efficient at night.

Apart from creating renders, mockups and animations, he is an passionate meme artist.

Johannes Wetterling

Head of Production
Management of our production

Johannes Wetterling

Johannes joined QiTech in 2019 as our first employee after spontaneously selling hundreds of key rings at a school festival.

Since then, Johannes has been managing our offices, running production and helping to develop new recycling processes.
Maxi Poser - Member of the production team of QiTech Industries

Fabia Pohl

Production team
Filament and machine production

Fabia Pohl

Fabia masters the production of machines and filaments as self-appointed employee of the month when she's not chilling in the bottle cap pool.

The founding team of
QiTech Industries

Milan von dem Bussche

Noel Lieder

Malte Ernst

Christoph Eisenach

Internship 2024 at QiTech!

This year we are offering two internships in our start-up, with the option to join long-term.
Area: mechanical engineering/mechatronics

Desired experience with:
- Arduino
- 3D printer
- motor control
- CAD modeling

Only on-site work in our hall in Darmstadt

Area: Programming

- ESP Programming
- HMI Programming

- VS Code
- Nextion Editor
- Platform IO
- Git

Only on-site work in our hall in Darmstadt

You are interested?

Get in touch with us!

If you are interested in the internship, please contact us via WhatsApp or call us!
Of course, you can also write us an email.

We are always open for new ideas and cooperations.

The best way to reach us is through WhatsApp or Instagram/Facebook.

Please send packages and mail to our production hall:
Landwehrstraße 55, 64293 Darmstadt(Schenck Technology and Industrial Park)


QiTech GmbH Recycling

Milan von dem Bussche
E-mail: info@qitech.de
Phone: +49 1525 8109612

Rebstock 9
56410 Montabaur
(Administration only - please send letters and post to Darmstadt!)

Register entry:
in the register court:
Amtsgericht Montabaur

Register number:
HRB 28777

‍Sales tax identification number:

QiTech Industries GmbH Mechanical engineering

Milan von dem Bussche
E-mail: contact@qitech.de
Phone: +49 1525 8109612

Weichselstraße 9
67574 Osthofen
(Administration only - please send letters and mail to Darmstadt!)

Register entry:
at the register court:
Amtsgericht Mainz

Register number:
HRB 51446

‍Sales tax identification number:

You have questions or comments?

Contact us!

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Write us on Whatsapp! We will answer as soon as possible.

+49 1525 8109612

Or for concerns of any kind regarding our machines

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Instagram & Facebook

Write us via Instagram or Facebook!


Or for concerns of any kind regarding our machines

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We are also always available by e-mail.


Or for concerns of any kind regarding our machines


Are you interested in our machines?

Request a quote for one of our machines

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