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How we use material testing to help the industry gain valuable data & recycle plastic waste simply and efficiently

Jan Wegner and Milan v. d. Bussche got to know each other back in their school days. While Milan foundedQiTech and now sells machines internationally for plastic recycling and its own filament production, Jan started his own YouTube channel.

There he presents various 3D printers and performs professional filament analyses. He learned a lot of this from Germany's biggest 3D printing YouTuber"CNC Kitchen".

Together with Jan, Milan wants to use the material tests to create a basis for the industry to recycle "waste" easily, efficiently and economically.
To do this, we recycle the customers' material into about 2-6 kg of filament with our own machines and test which parameters are best in production, or if the material can be recycled well at all. With the help of Jan, we also investigate the properties of the filament. Thus, in line with our company motto "Waste is not an end product", we want to advise customers with valuable data and insights from real production where and how they can efficiently integrate circular economy at their site.

Read more about our material tests here or read our first test on carbon fiber reinforced PET-CF15 from BASF in cooperation with Welser Profile GmbH.

Christoph Eisenach

Christoph is our code alchemist. When his code doesn't work, he doesn't sleep, so basically he never sleeps. But when his code works, it's absolute magic. Today, Chris is primarily taking loving care of the website for QiTech Industries.

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