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Recycled 3D printing filament, material testing and more!

We recycle plastic waste into high quality 3D printing filament.

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Our 3D printing filament from recycled plastic

For the past two years, we have been developing a recycling process to make 3D printing filament from plastic waste. Follow us on social media to see the current state of our projekt at any time.


We guarantee tolerances under +-0.04mm


Our filament is made from 100% plastic waste that we shred and recycle. Read more

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Filament Refill
QiTech MasterSpool
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Just one coil. Forever.

Never throw away disposable spools again. As soon as the spool is empty, simply refill it with a filament refill.

We stand for sustainability

We produce all our coils using an injection moulding process with recycled bottle tops.

We test your material for recycling and 3D printing suitability

If requested, we offer material tests with our products. For this purpose, we shred or pelletise a sample of approx. 5 to 10 kg and produce new filament from it, which we then test with various 3D printers.

We also write a detailed report on the entire recycling process with all process details as well as corresponding video and photo material.

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We produce our reusable filament spools and recyclates from recycled plastic lids

For sustainable use, we produce all coils from old bottle caps. Glass bottles are rinsed out and reused in Germany - but the lids are disposed of because of the broken safety ring. We have made it our task to find a better solution for the lids. With our own machine we sort them by color and then process them into high quality recyclates. We can then use these, for example, for our coils.

If you are interested in the sorted granulate, you can contact us by e-mail at info@qitech.de.

HIPS filament. Like ABS, just better.

Are you interested in plastic recycling?

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Private customers:
We do not currently sell filaments for private customers because we cannot compete with other manufacturers in terms of price. In the long term, our goal is to reduce costs through production optimization in the recycling process and a fully automated online store to such an extent that series production is economical for us.

Business customers:
For business customers, we offer our PETG filaments for purchases of at least 10 KG. Currently, we also used our filament extrusion lines in the laboratory for feasibility studies and material analysis for companies and institutes. We produce filaments from special engineering plastics and compounds. Just contact us at info@qitech.de.
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Frequently asked questions

We also provide weekly insights into our production on social media

From where do you get the plastic waste for the filament?

We recycle production waste from large factories here in Rhineland-Palatinate as material for our filament.

In many manufacturing processes, for example, sprue channels (small plastic leftovers) are produced, which we collect and recycle. We also process rejects from the production of skirting boards.

For the production of the master coils we use bottle tops from normal plastic bottles that we collect from schools, offices etc. In the future, we also want to recycle shampoo bottles from barbers into filament.

How do you produce the filament for 3D printers?

First, we grind the plastic waste into fine granules. Then we dry it and fill it into our self-built extruder (a plastic melter). There, the plastic melts at about a temperature of 200 °C and is pressed through a nozzle. The filament that comes out of the nozzle is then cooled and perfectly wound with our JARVIS Winder.

Is everything manufactured in Germany?

Yes, we produce all our filament coils in our own production hall in Darmstadt.

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