3D printing pen with
20 colors of filament

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3D printing pen with 20 colors of filament

Our 3D printing pen set enables three-dimensional "drawing".

The pen is ideal for experimenting and for creative minds who want to bring their ideas into tangible form.

Whether Eiffel Tower, butterfly or car model, there are no more limits to your creativity.

Ordered now 2 days shipping!

Unlimited creativity: drawing in 3D

Our 3D printing set with 20 colors of filament enables creative building.

The pen heats up plastic filaments, which cool down directly in the air.

Thanks to the wide range of colors, there are no limits to creativity. Detailed work is also possible with the fine Nozzle

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With a focus on quality

The 3D printing pen

As a filament manufacturer, we cooperate with SUNLU to make the 3D printing pen set possible.

Each set contains the latest SUNLU-3000 3D printing pen. The premium model, with adjustable temperature and speed.

Ordered now 2 days shipping!
3D printing pen set ordered

What our customers say:

"A great gift that encourages you to 'do'"

~Marie Schmidt, (Facebook photo comment)

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