Simple air cooling unit for your filament production

JARVIS Airpath

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Height adjustable feet
Strong maximum power
Powerful & high quality fans
Adjustable speed

Why you should choose the JARVIS Airpath

Simple air cooling unit for your filament production

Compatible with almost any Extruder

The Jarvis Airpath is a cooling unit that ensures an even temperature of the filament for spooling. This is very important as filament that is too hot can stick together on the spool and filament that is too cold will not bend enough to fit tightly.

All the experience we have gained over the years in extruding plastic has gone into the design of the Airpath. The base is a robust frame made of PETG and aluminium, with the fans in the middle and well protected from all sides.
The intuitive design allows the power to be precisely adjusted and switched on or off at the touch of a button.

Efficient air cooling at a low price... - Picture Milan using our JARVIS ECOSYSTEM to rewind and cool filament

Easy to use

The JARVIS Airpath is used when extrusion has already started. It can then be inserted as part of the production line without having to stop the process. To start the cooling process, the passing filament is fixed on the Airpath with the help of the corresponding clips. In this way, the warm filament always remains directly above the cooling airflow.

Easy operation of the JARVIS Airpath - Perfect addition to extruders from Filabot, 3Devo or our own!

Our machines are now open source!

All our machines can be found with detailed documentation on GitHub . We believe in collaboration instead of competition.



Picture of the rotor blades of the JARVIS Shredder.

The dual construction of elastic PETG and lightweight but strong aluminium ensures high stability and durability.


Emergency stop switch for the JARVIS Shredder. It is also CE verified

The Airpath is very easy to operate. The strength of the airflow can be adjusted continuously from 0% to 100% and is shown on a clear LCD. With the help of the mechanical memory, the Airpath retains the set power value even when it is unplugged. However, to avoid having to do this every time, the Airpath has a digital on/off switch.


Exchangeable material box, which makes the shredder easier to use

We use 4 high-performance fans for the JARVIS Airpath, which we source from an exclusive manufacturer. The fans are extremely powerful but still relatively quiet.

Height adjustable feet

Picture of the removable sieve. So you can also use other sieve sizes!

The Jarvis Airpath has 4 height adjustable feet, each of which can be adjusted by hand. This allows the Airpath to be positioned directly under the hot filament from the extruder, maximizing cooling performance.

Modular design

High quality motor which allows you to shred almost anything

As easy as the Airpath is to operate, it is also easy to repair. Any part can be removed by the customer without any problems, printed by themselves or ordered from us and then re-installed.

In order to provide you with the longest and most uncomplicated use of our products, we can send all STL files of the 3D printed parts or ship spare parts upon request.

You still got some questions about the product?

Check out the technical specifications of the Airpath or watch the video below!

Learn more about the JARVIS Airpath

Watch our video about the Airpath

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