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About the Jarvis Control Software

Monitor all machines with Jarvis Control and display charts and other useful information

How our JARVIS Control Software works

With the JARVIS Control software you can control and monitor all of our machines clearly in one software.
You can display useful graphs and information and export your measurement results. Furthermore the software allows you to DRE synchronized with the JARVIS Pro Winder and thus a constant perfect diameter is guaranteed.

Through a cable connection all data are also available offline and there is also the possibility to start a web server via the app, through which you can then also call up your data and control the machines from a mobile device!

If you want to have a look at our software, you can also have a look at our online demo version!

Install Jarvis Control

Desktop software

Windows (64-bit)


System requirements

Software for our Winder

Update-Pro-Winder Software

Go to the update page

Warning: If you get the error message"device is not recognized", you are probably missing the CP340 driver!
Warning: The website may only work with Google Chrome, Edge or Opera!

Drivers that may be required

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