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Low tolerance
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Why choose our diameter measurement?

Our JARVIS DRE - Perform precise laser measurements of filament diameter during production with our smart sensor

Improve your filament quality by maintaining a consistent diameter

The JARVIS DRE is our solution for monitoring the filament diameter during production. With its modular design, our product is compatible with almost any extrusion line and ensures the production of uniform filament. This is very essential for high quality 3D prints.

Picture of the JARVIS DRE, our filament diameter sensor from QiTech Industries

Our machines are now open source!

All our machines can be found with detailed documentation on GitHub . We believe in collaboration instead of competition.


Easy to use

Picture of the rotor blades of the JARVIS Shredder.

The contact-free measurement makes the integration of the JARVIS DRE into the process chain as simple as possible. During running extrusion, the filament does not have to be threaded in awkwardly, but is carried easily over the guiding rolls.

Laser technology

Emergency stop switch for the JARVIS Shredder. It is also CE verified

The JARVIS DRE uses two lasers to provide highly accurate measurements with deviations of ±0.01 mm in a range of 0.2-30 mm.

Control the JARVIS DRE with our own software

Exchangeable material box, which makes the shredder easier to use

With our new JARVIS Control software you can monitor all our machines and view useful graphs and information during production. Using the app you can also synchronize the DRE with our winding unit. This allows you to automatically adjust the speed to ensure that your filament has the desired diameter consistently.
In addition, JARVIS Control offers the possibility to start your own web server, which you can then use to control your machines using your mobile phone/tablet.

If you want to learn more about our new software, check out the JARVIS Control website!

Modbus interface

Picture of the removable sieve. So you can also use other sieve sizes!

On the back of the unit there is a connection for external computers. Modbus' communication can be used to request and transmit all recorded data.


High quality motor which allows you to shred almost anything

If the measured filament differs from the targeted diameter, the DRE can optionally play a buzzer. This can be used to immediately draw attention to irregularities during operation.

In order to provide you with the longest and most uncomplicated use of our products, we can send all STL files of the 3D printed parts or ship spare parts upon request.

You still got some questions about the product?

Take a look at the technical data or the video of our JARVIS DRE!

How to accurately measure your filament diameters during production

Check out our video on the DRE & PRO Control Software

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