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Control via our app
Extra hardened screw and barrel
Made and engineered in Germany
Integrated melt pressure sensor

How to use the JARVIS Extruder in your filament production or for material tests

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Why choose our extruder?

Recycle plastic with our extruder and make your own 3D printing filament

Simple operation thanks to JARVIS Control

The JARVIS Extruder is a high-quality plastic extruder in which we have combined all our experience in plastics processing over the last 4 years.

The machine is characterized by its intelligent control system and integration into our JARVIS-Control software. It allows you to connect the Extruder with all other process steps ( air cooling, diameter regulation and winding) and monitor them in an app.

Illustration that should stand for our WiFi control of our lab extruder

Increased safety due to built-in pressure sensor

A special feature of our extruder is the integrated pressure sensor, which constantly reads the pressure at the nozzle. For example, if the nozzle is clogged, the machine is automatically shut down before enormous pressure builds up that could potentially damage the Extruder. This makes extrusion with recycled and fiber-reversed materials (such as CF-PLA or GF-ABS), in particular, safer.

In collaboration with SUEDSPITZE, we set machine safety as a priority right from the concept phase. Moreover, our entire Pro bundle is CE-verified thanks to the help of SUEDSPITZE!

Drawing showing a protective shield. Our filament extruder is equipped with high safety standards

Made in Germany - Professional and high quality

In cooperation with a local control cabinet manufacturer, we provide our extruders with high-quality control cabinets, since safety and performance have the first priority for us.

Picture of the control unit of the JARVIS extruder

Our machines are now open source!

All our machines can be found with detailed documentation on GitHub . We believe in collaboration instead of competition.



Picture of the rotor blades of the JARVIS Shredder.

The hopper is made of stainless steel and can hold approx. 3L, but can be easily enlarged with an adapter plate.

The shape of the hopper was chosen to allow the processing of recycled granules (3-5 mm angular flakes) and to prevent "bridging" in the hopper as much as possible.

However, in order to completely exclude the jamming of individual larger flakes at the feed and thereby keep the material flow constant, a uniform shape/size of the input material is nevertheless crucial for a constant diameter during filament production.


Emergency stop switch for the JARVIS Shredder. It is also CE verified

The extruder's screw is powered by a 1.5 kW motor and allows an extrusion speed of roughly 5-8kg/h (depending on your material).

Motor specifications:
Power: 1.5 kW
Output speed: 41 rpm
Output torque: 336 Nm
Voltage: 230/400V/D/Y, 50Hz

Mass pressure sensor

Exchangeable material box, which makes the shredder easier to use

The JARVIS Extruder has a precise melt pressure sensor located at the end of the screw cylinder. The pressure just before the nozzle is measured continuously and as soon as excess pressure builds up, the extruder motor is switched off. With this automatic shut-off, fibre-reinforced polymers and composites, for example, can be extruded more reliably.

In addition, the motor or extrusion speed is coupled to the read-out values of the melt pressure sensor, which enables the most even flow rate possible.


Picture of the removable sieve. So you can also use other sieve sizes!

The blanks allow the customer to drill a suitable nozzle diameter for their specific application if required.
The nozzles are manufactured with a counterclockwise thread in order to prevent them from being screwed out by the plastic.
Additional nozzles with a short delivery time are also available at a later date.

Included in delivery:
5 steel nozzles: 1x 1.75mm 1x 3mm 3x blanks (with 1mm pre-drilled)

Heating elements

High quality motor which allows you to shred almost anything

In order to optimize the quality of the produced filament, the JARVIS Pro Extruder comes with 3 heating zones which are individually adjustable from each other.

In order to provide you with the longest and most uncomplicated use of our products, we can send all STL files of the 3D printed parts or ship spare parts upon request.

You still got some questions about the product?

Take a look at the technical specifications for our Extruder !

More pictures of our Extruder

Improve the quality of your filament using the Digicolor dryer

How to use the Drywell 2540 in filament production with our Extruder

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Frequently asked questions
What is the output of our filament extruder?

We cannot give a general answer to the output (e.g. in kg/h) of our extruder, as the possible output is always influenced by many other parameters, such as the type of plastic, the temperature, the size of your pellets or the nozzle diameter of the used nozzle.

As a reference value for a rough estimate: we produce about 5 kg per hour of PETG at maximum speed.

What is the hopper's volume?

Currently 4 litres. In the future, however, we plan to offer both smaller and larger hoppers!

Which nozzles are included? Are there any spare nozzles?

Included in delivery:
5 steel nozzles
1x 1.75 mm
1x 3 mm
3x Blank (with 1 mm pilot hole)

The blanks enable the customer to drill a nozzle diameter suitable for the specific application himself, if required. The nozzles are made with a left-hand thread to prevent creeping out through the plastic.

Further nozzles with short delivery times are also available from us at a later date! Just contact us for this.

Which pellet sizes are possible?

The shape of the hopper was chosen to allow the processing of recyclate (3-5 mm angular granulate flakes).

However, the homogeneity of the shape/size of the input material is crucial for a constant diameter during filament production.

When using angular flakes for extrusion, there is a risk of "bridging" in the hopper, whereby individual, larger flakes tilt when being fed in, so that less material is conveyed for a short time. For this purpose, the JARVIS Extruder has a vibrating body which can be added to the hopper and periodically agitates the feedstock.

Thanks to the intelligent control of the JARVIS extruder, the extruder speed can also be adjusted continuously to ensure a constant pressure / output at the nozzle

What is the cylinder volume including the screw / What is the running volume?

The barrel volume is 72 cm³ , or about 85 g (PC).

Quality and finishing of the extruder

The JARVIS Extruder has a nitride hardened screw barrel (diameter 65 mm) and a through hardened extruder screw made of stainless steel (diameter 25 mm)

Are fibre-reinforced fabrics also possible?

The JARVIS Extruder has already been tested with thermoplastic compounds and inorganic-filled composites.

With inorganic-filled composites, there is a risk of nozzle clogging, which can result in dangerous pressure build-up and damage to the extrusion unit. We have already had to experience this with our prototype Extruder.

However, the JARVIS Extruder has a pressure sensor and an automatic shut-off as a safety mechanism to prevent excessive pressure build-up. As a result, even laboratory tests with inorganic-filled materials no longer cause any safety problems.

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