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Perfect Winding
Coils up to a weight of 5 kg
Automatic speed adjustment
Compatible with almost all extruders

Why choose our filament spooler?

Precise and easy filament rewinding or winding with our JARVIS Pro Winder

Make your own filament with our Winder

If you want to make your own filament, the JARVIS Pro Winder is the perfect machine for you.

With intelligent speed control, our Filament-Spooler ensures perfectly wound filament in your production.

As soon as our intelligent system notices that there is no more tension on the filament, the speed adjusts automatically. So the Winder is very easy to use and compatible with almost every filament Extruder.

You can also see this in our video about the automatic speed control!

JARVIS Winder... Comparable to Filabot and 3Devo filament winding units... Can wind and rewind your filament

How is our Winder structured?

The JARVIS Pro Winder is a machine that can be used to wind filament either fresh from the Extruder, or to rewind filament from one, to the other spool.

It consists of a drawing unit, a filament guide and the winding axis.

By adjusting the drawing speed, the thickness can be adjusted while the filament is still hot. Finally, the filament guide guarantees even distribution on the spool.

Milan during production. Rewind or produce filament with the JARVIS Winder.

Controlling the JARVIS Pro Winder with our new software

With our new JARVIS Control software, you can monitor all our machines and view useful graphs and information during production.

The app also allows you to synchronize the Winder with the DRE. This way you can automatically adjust the speed so that your filament consistently has the desired diameter.

In addition, JARVIS Control offers the possibility to start your own web server with which you can then control your machines via mobile phone/tablet.

If you want to learn more about our software, check out the JARVIS Control website!

Milan during production. Rewind or produce filament with the JARVIS Winder.

Our machines are now open source!

All our machines can be found with detailed documentation on GitHub . We believe in collaboration instead of competition.

The JARVIS Pro Winder

We have improved some things!

Direct control via USB connection or online software

Support for 5 kg coils (10 kg on request)

Integrated laser for the calibration of the coils

rewinding from one coil onto another possible

Individually adjustable tension

Constant improvements to the JARVIS WInder



Picture of the rotor blades of the JARVIS Shredder.

The puller is the component of the winder that first comes into contact with the filament. With its spring-loaded silicone rollers, it adapts perfectly to any thickness and grips with so much grip that even a snow groomer would be jealous.

Stainless steel ball bearings and the powerful Nema stepper motor are the ingredients for smooth operation with friction in all the right places.

Filament guiding

Emergency stop switch for the JARVIS Shredder. It is also CE verified

The F in "filament feed guidance" stands for precision. With breathtaking precision, this component, through which the filament slides, moves step by step to the right and left, across the entire width of the spool.

Thus, the Winder guarantees Perfect Winding and foolproof threading.

Spool Axis

Exchangeable material box, which makes the shredder easier to use

In the center of the JARVIS winder is the winding axle, which has the most elementary function. The spools are placed on it and fixed so tightly from both sides with the help of a sophisticated twin system that they almost seem to be part of the machine.

It is driven by a highly capable motor that is so sensitive that it notices whether the filament is running dead straight. The brain of the JARVIS winder is a microchip that evaluates all sensor values and controls the interaction of the three built-in motors.

Control via App

Picture of the removable sieve. So you can also use other sieve sizes!

We have developed an app that allows our customers to operate the Winder via their own device with JARVIS Control.

We have put a lot of effort into programming an intuitive user interface so that JARVIS obeys its owner's every word.

The app displays all relevant information on speed, number of layers wound or bobbin width. All parameters can be easily adjusted using the sliders.

Laser attachment

High quality motor which allows you to shred almost anything

The laser can be used to calibrate the JARVIS Winder to any spool .

First, the attachment is placed on the Filament Ferrari. The laser is activated by pressing lightly into the attachment, then the calibration is started after selecting the homing function in the LCD menu.

The Filament Ferrari first moves automatically to the end of the axis. Then you only have to move it to the start and end of the spool until the laser is on each of the two spool edges.

Note: The Filament Ferrari is only included on request.

In order to provide you with the longest and most uncomplicated use of our products, we can send all STL files of the 3D printed parts or ship spare parts upon request.

You still got some questions about the product?

Check out the technical specifications or our How-To on how to use the JARVIS Winder!

Learn more about the JARVIS Winder

Take a look at how you can use our winder in your production

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