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Do you have a cool project idea & are you taking part in JG, JF or SUT? Then don't let it fail because of the filament costs

You are taking part in Jugend gründet, Jugend forscht or StartUpTeens with a cool project idea and need filament for your first prototypes etc.? Filament?

Then don't let your project fail because of the filament costs!


We also started Jugend gründet a few years ago, but were too broke for good filament. That's why we now want to support young teams with the same problem!


Simply send us an email to with proof that you are taking part in Jugend Gründet/Jugend Forscht/StartUpTeens, how much and which filament you need and two sentences about your idea and what you want to use the filament for.


We will get back to you within about a week with a 100% discount code for our filament store.


You can find more information at

Christoph Eisenach

Christoph is our code alchemist. When his code doesn't work, he doesn't sleep, so basically he never sleeps. But when his code works, it's absolute magic. Today, Chris is primarily taking loving care of the website for QiTech Industries.

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