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Today we have started our machine sale.

We started our machine sales today.

At the beginning of the year we got inquiries if we would sell our machines too.

Together with @not.noel @jvstchriss and Malte I have QiTech Industries founded. The last 6 months we have completely redesigned the machines for the production of 3D printing filament.

Today we start the sale of the new machines and have launched the website & Insta.

With the project we participate in @startup_teens and compete for the main prize of 10,000€ for the company.

It will definitely be exciting, so check out .

Milan von dem Bussche

Milan has the overview of our projects (at least he pretends to). Developing new machines while doing something for the environment excites him. At QiTech Industries Milan designs and develops our machines and manages the finances (at least he does his best).

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