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Find out how to successfully recycle BASF's carbon fiber-reinforced PET-CF material in our material test in cooperation with Welser

Milan and Jan have the goal, as YouTuber and start-up founder, to create a basis for the industry to recycle "waste" easily, efficiently and economically through our material tests. For this we recycle in cooperation with our customers their material in about 2-6 kg filament with our own machines. This way we can test in a real production which parameters are the best and how well the particular material can be recycled. In addition, with the help of Jan, we investigate the properties of the filament produced.
In this way, we can advise our customers with valuable data and insights from real production where and how they can efficiently integrate circular economy at their site.

For our last material test, we cooperated with Welser Profile GmbH.
Welser Profile is a global player in the development and production of special profiles. The 11th generation family-run company is considered a pioneer, with state-of-the-art technology and over 2,400 employees. As a traditional family business, their focus is on conserving the resources they need, which is why they are committed to keeping all operating materials in a closed loop.
Welser integrated their profile extrusion 3D printing into their own production at an early stage to produce perfect sliders for the processing line of the profiles. However, old sliding pieces are no longer needed after wear or after the profile shape has been modified, and in addition, the many prototypes create further plastic waste. Nevertheless, this is high-quality carbon fiber-reinforced PET, a material that would definitely be worth recycling.

Together, Milan and Jan have investigated the entire path from Welser's production rejects to new filament, including the material properties of the new filament. As a pilot project, we want to show that recycling can be useful and profitable.

Read the results of our material test here.

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