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Check out the article on professional recycling of 3D printing materials on Recycling-3D!

Last week, Recycling3D featured us in their article on professional recycling of 3D printing materials. There they summarize how the process of professional recycling of 3D printing materials is becoming more and more important with the increasing use of 3D printing in professional and industrial applications and what to consider when recycling.

At QiTech , our goal is to simplify exactly this recycling process and make it possible for the industry locally. To do this, we recycle bottle caps and industrial waste from our region into new filament ourselves on the one hand, and sell machines that other companies and smaller workspaces can use to do the same on the other.

Check out the full article on plastic recycling here.

Christoph Eisenach

Christoph is our code alchemist. When his code doesn't work, he doesn't sleep, so basically he never sleeps. But when his code works, it's absolute magic. Today, Chris is primarily taking loving care of the website for QiTech Industries.

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